Sunday, September 17, 2006

R2I # 6 - Some Observations (From My US Visit)

I am in US now and got to spend considerable amount of time visiting Indian families and talking to several of my Indian friends. All most all discussion threads invariably lead to job opportunities in India and R2I. Though I have been part of similar discussions earlier, I now participated in the same discussion as an outsider.

Here are some points I made (or did not make) during those lively discussions:
  1. Yes, the IT job market in India is booming, but R2I is much more than just about the job scene in India. So, base your decisions on much broader parameters than just jobs.
  2. Remember, there is NO one right decision. Do what 'feels' right for your family.
  3. Please do not keep the R2I simmering for ever. Make a decision and bring a closure to the subject and move on. This doesn't mean you might NOT change your decision later. But keeping it alive is disruptive and takes your focus away from 'what you have now'.
  4. Be thankful to God for all the blessings and the good things you have now rather than feeling discontent thinking about R2I.
Thanks to the Indian TV channels and Internet, Indian crowd here (in US) is well informed about India. In most cases, they knew more about India / TN Politics than I did... Here is a pop quiz for you..

Guess what would be the 'most' discussed topic amongst Indian (Tamil) women (after R2I !!!)? Some hints...
  1. It is certainly NOT Iraq...
  2. Not the fashion related stuff.. (but definitely discussed though....)
  3. Not Kids & Dating (discussed in hushed tones privately..)
  4. Not about the SALE...
But about Tamil Soaps like Kolangal.. & Selvi.....

Watching my mother watch these serials everyday, I knew Chennai women are hooked to these.. But was surprised to see its sway over the Tamil women here as well..


  1. I guess we are possibly heading towards an age when we are going to moving between countries like some people in our previous generation moved between cities (transferable job, remember?).

  2. It's a shame that the Indian families watch all these stupid serials rather than let their kids and themselves something say National Geographic/Disney channels.

    If watching these serials is a way to keep in touch with our connections...shame on the serials and the people who watch them.

    Pardon me opinions expressed are only mine....or in other words MHO.

  3. Arattai Arangam conducted by Visu is another broadcast we love to watch; but last one month it is moderated by another group; when will Visu again come to moderate the Arattai Arangam. Now you you know how much we are glued to the Sun TV and some of the programs.

  4. Venki
    Yes.. that is certainly in the realm of possibility.. but the country barriers will have to come down significantly for that..

    I observed too much energy being spent on watching and talking about these soaps..

    I wonder why the 'moral police' of TN is keeping Mum about all these serials.. The story line in many of serials would make even the 'most' liberal minded to cringe..

    Visu will be hosting a show called 'Makkal Arangam' in Jaya TV soon..

  5. Not surprising. I have a friend who used to go to office on Saturdays to watch the soaps in Tamilgrounds. This was in 2003!

    Leopards cant change their spots :-)

  6. Since you know both the sides tell me why do they want to return to india? What is it they miss about India there?

  7. Usha

    It's a complex thing.. but If I can take the liberty of simplifying then it is.. "Other side is always greener'..