Saturday, September 02, 2006

Travelog # 4 - Turin, Italy

I was Turin (Torino) Italy for a couple of days early this. It was a packed trip and didn't get out much. I was able to manage a short walk around the Hotel and here is what I captured.

Turin is well connected to many cities in Europe and It was short hop from Frankfurt for me.
Torino 2006 Olympics symbol near the central station
Turin (Torino in Italian) hosted the 2006 winter Olympics early this year. But the weather very pleasant and warm when I visited. In fact, my colleagues tell me that Turin city doesn't get any snow and most of the winter Olympics were actually conducted about 60 miles outside the city.

sunlit corridors - Turin, Italy
The long corridors are pretty inviting for a relaxed stroll and window shopping. When I walked around, the place was pretty much empty. This is the vacation season for them and lot of folks had gone out.

Turin, Italy Street Scene
I saw trams everywhere.. This is pretty much the case in most of the European cities. A rarity in US.

Turin, Italy Stree Scene
A street close by the city square adorned with flags.

Turin - City Square
City Square.. Again a uniquely European concept. Turin was the first capital of unified Italy between 1861 and 1865. After that the capital moved to Florence and from there to present capital Rome in 1870.
Turin, Italy - Near the city Square
Don't know what this place.. But looked like a photo op

More photos in flickr

A short clip on a few places I visited


  1. Torino seems like a congested city, from your pictures. I am surprised that more people were not visiting Tornio during their holidays.

  2. Nithya
    I heard Torino is becoming a 'popular' tourist spot after the winter Olympics..