Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chennai To Mahapallipuram

Chennai Runners on wheels to Mahapallipuram.
We started with lot of enthusiasm a month ago but lost momentum somewhere in between. Mahabs is about 50+ kms from Chennai and we had planned a day long expedition. We had over 15+ enthusiasts 'register' but only 5 showed up on the D-day which was today (Sunday, 9/3/06). Out of the 5, only Anuj made it to Mahabs. Hari, Vaibhaw & I stopped at Crocodile Bank which is about 35 kms from Chennai.

Chennai weather was unusually conducive till we Crocodile Bank, but the return trek was killer, especially for Hari & I. Both of us were ventured with a old 'mountain bike' which was not conducive for this kind of long distance trek (what were we thinking?).

Thillai & Hari arriving at Muttukkadu
Thillai & Hari arriving at Muttukkadu pit-stop. Thillai returned back to the city due to prior commitment and rest pedalled along.
Vaibhav & Hari near Crocodile Bank
Vaibhaw & Hari at the Crocodile Bank. We decided to head back to the city from here.
Hari & Anuj near Prarthana Cinema on return
Hari & Anuj at a impromptu pit-stop near Prarthana Cinema on our way back. In fact, Anuj was the only one to make to Mahabs and he caught up with Hari & I as we were struggling our way back.

Lesson Learnt for me: Get a new bike & appropriate clothing paraphernalia.

We did talk about doing this kind of a trek on a regular basis. I sure would like to post a successful trek story soon.


  1. Pasta before and Gatorade during will get you to and back from a 35 mile ride.
    You can do it without new cloths and a bike.

  2. Hi Ram,

    Sorry to miss doing this with the team. I along with 2 other pals did chennai-mahabs starting at 11:30 AM from chennai and reached home at 8:45 PM.

    Yes, defnly the sports bike helps.

    See you on sunday .


  3. Should been an adventure. Ligther closting, a different handlebar (it will be difficult to sit straight and peddal) will make it more enjoyable.
    I drink lots of water during and after the trip.

  4. What was the traffic like? Is it safe?

  5. I dont think i will be able to do it...

  6. Ram,

    Quite interesting to know about your adventures. I Wish I was there. We had been to short cycling trips in our younger days in Chennai. Your pics of crocodile bank brought me some old memories. Please keep in touch if you happen to visit London. Just mail me and we shall try to meet.

  7. Annoymous
    Yeah.. Carb loading would help..

    Thanks.. I will definitely try again..

    Congratulations to you guys for cricket / Mahabs trip..
    Yes.. I am going to get a new bike and will consult you on that..


    Safety?.. Don't think so.. but the odds are similar to walking on the Chennai streets..

    Have you tried?

    Balaji S Rajan
    Join us when you come to this part of the world.. I will look you up if I come to London.. But with the kind of restrictions at LHR now.. I will avoid LHR as much as possible..