Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chennai To Mahapallipuram

Chennai Runners on wheels to Mahapallipuram.
We started with lot of enthusiasm a month ago but lost momentum somewhere in between. Mahabs is about 50+ kms from Chennai and we had planned a day long expedition. We had over 15+ enthusiasts 'register' but only 5 showed up on the D-day which was today (Sunday, 9/3/06). Out of the 5, only Anuj made it to Mahabs. Hari, Vaibhaw & I stopped at Crocodile Bank which is about 35 kms from Chennai.

Chennai weather was unusually conducive till we Crocodile Bank, but the return trek was killer, especially for Hari & I. Both of us were ventured with a old 'mountain bike' which was not conducive for this kind of long distance trek (what were we thinking?).

Thillai & Hari arriving at Muttukkadu
Thillai & Hari arriving at Muttukkadu pit-stop. Thillai returned back to the city due to prior commitment and rest pedalled along.
Vaibhav & Hari near Crocodile Bank
Vaibhaw & Hari at the Crocodile Bank. We decided to head back to the city from here.
Hari & Anuj near Prarthana Cinema on return
Hari & Anuj at a impromptu pit-stop near Prarthana Cinema on our way back. In fact, Anuj was the only one to make to Mahabs and he caught up with Hari & I as we were struggling our way back.

Lesson Learnt for me: Get a new bike & appropriate clothing paraphernalia.

We did talk about doing this kind of a trek on a regular basis. I sure would like to post a successful trek story soon.