Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What Good Is FREE?

If no one can connect.. I am talking about the FREE wi-fi service by BSNL in Chennai Airport.
FREE Wi-Fi hotspot sign in Chennai Airport
I have tried to connect to the FREE wi-fi service by BSNL at the Chennai Domestic Airport numerous times and don't remember ever being successful. My latest attempt was yesterday as I was heading to Bangalore.

Initially, I thought it was my wi-fi driver and stuff.. So went out and updated all the required paraphernalia for wi-fi. While that solved few other problems I had with lap top hibernation, I am still not able to connect to this FREE wi-fi spot in Chennai Airport. And I must say, I have been able to connect at most other hotspots in all kinds of places. Even this post is via a wi-fi connection.

What good is FREE if no one can use it? Have you been successful using this FREE wi-fi service?


  1. Did you complain? If you did ..what did they say? If you didn't..why not.!

    Pardon me, but like you said in one of your earlier posts..service sucks...big time.

    I've gone thru hell trying to return a Washing machine that didn't work from day 1! Finally I went to the Consumer court to get the refund.

    Raman - Are you sure when you said ' All the Airports in US'. I know that Sacramento is free! ( Atleast used to be.!).

    This tendency of 'Atleast' should go..IMHO. The title of your post tells you all...who cares about the intentions..if it doesn't work.! What is the point ?

  2. Raman

    I agree with Narayanan here.. it is the 'chalega' mentality and being conditioned to 'adjust' on everything has led us to where we are..

    Good Question.. who would complain to ? I casually talk to the airport guys and they just laughed (at my naivete) and said 'it hasn't worked in a longg time..'

    Hats off to you for taking the stuff all the way to consumer court.. but how many have the energy to do all that. they system is not user friendly for the consumers..

    Look at the Autos.. Chennaiites love to hate their Autos.. but continue use them for lack of better alternates.. Official apathy towards middleclass reigns supreme..

  3. I have used the BSNL wi-fi service at the airport around a year back, with an IBM (or Lenovo, watever) R51...did not have any problems, connectivity was pretty good..of course tht was the time when it was just launched...it worked the 2-3 times I was holed up at Chn airport..of course not been in there in the past 10 months or so...so I dunno how bad it is now

  4. Thats funny! :P How come BSNL guys never noticed this problem, or is it that it doesn't have DHCP, you have to configure the network manually?
    Do you know someone who has connected successfully at this hotspot?

  5. Well, I guess that's the parting gift we as chennaites give! ;)

  6. DD
    Oh.. that's interesting.. It has never worked for me.. I also have IBM TP..

    Cool Deepz
    Don't know what the problem is.. but it is not working..
    DD says he connected..

    Parting Gift???.. not the kind that anyone would like receive..

  7. I had used it (free BSNL WiFi in Chennai Airport) initally (8-10 months ago) on my Dell, and it worked well. Then they went 'pay' alongwith Tata Indicom the last few times I went there (3-6 months ago). I didn't know BSNL had gone free again...

  8. Rahul

    BSNL / Maran launched this 'free' hotspot with much fanfare sometime.. but have never been able to access it.. I have used Tata Indicom pay service in Bangalore Airport and it worked well..