Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What Good Is FREE?

If no one can connect.. I am talking about the FREE wi-fi service by BSNL in Chennai Airport.
FREE Wi-Fi hotspot sign in Chennai Airport
I have tried to connect to the FREE wi-fi service by BSNL at the Chennai Domestic Airport numerous times and don't remember ever being successful. My latest attempt was yesterday as I was heading to Bangalore.

Initially, I thought it was my wi-fi driver and stuff.. So went out and updated all the required paraphernalia for wi-fi. While that solved few other problems I had with lap top hibernation, I am still not able to connect to this FREE wi-fi spot in Chennai Airport. And I must say, I have been able to connect at most other hotspots in all kinds of places. Even this post is via a wi-fi connection.

What good is FREE if no one can use it? Have you been successful using this FREE wi-fi service?