Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Complete Book Of Running

By Jim Fixx
The Complete Book of Running by Jim Fixx
My colleague introduced me to this book (The Complete Book Of Running) today. I dug around the net and found interesting juice about Jim and his book. He started running in 60s and became a running sensation. He created a large following in US and his book became one of the best selling. Jim is cited to be one of the reasons for marathon becoming popular in US.
Written by Jim Fixx in 1977, this book is virtually an encyclopedia of running, covering every aspect. It includes training, racing, selecting gear, diet, getting thin, and much, much more.
I am going to get hold of this book soon.. Hoping to gain some more insights to long distance running..

Ironically, Jim died at the age of 52 while running due to a massive heart attack.

On related to note, 2007 Mumbai Marathon registration is now open.. However, with just less than a month to go, there is still no information on Bangalore Marathon.
Mumbai Marathon


  1. Ram,

    I have this book with me and it's wonderful reading. I think I had told you about this book during one of our runs

  2. Hari

    Oh.. would like to hear more about the book.. during this weekend run..?

  3. Raman
    I am going to look for it when I visit a book store next..

  4. Good luck with your running..If you get a chance please stop by my blog for a wuick read on my latest marathon training efforts.. If you have some vital tips, please feel free to share them, especailly with IT Band injuries..