Thursday, August 10, 2006

So Google, What Next?

Hosted Web Sites?

Moving beyond Gmail, Google is providing free hosted email service. Kiruba has a post on this today. This is great not only individuals who want their own email address/es in their own domain name (I got last week) but also to SMB organizations. In fact this feature will be a definite money saver for small to medium companies. Now they can 'outsource' their entire email infrastructure to Google for free. Each mail box will get 2gb space and more importantly chat and calendaring facility. Can't beat that..

It will be interesting to see what it does to email products like MS Outlook and Lotus Notes and to email hosted service providers.

So What next from Google?
Google can offer to host web sites for free. As usual, the catch being its 'targeted advertisements', which is actually the mainstay for Google.

Two companies stand out when it comes to innovation.. One is Google for.. Can you guess the other one? It is NOT what you may be thinking..


  1. Is it Apple...

  2. Shiloh

    You are right on the money..

    Steve Jobs has been able to create a new segment out of existing technology and generate mass following.. Its incredible what they have been able to do with iPod..

    Though not as wildly popular, Apple's Mac has core following which will swear by it..

  3. Raman

    I had Apple in mind..

    Yes.. iPod came about 5 years back.. but remember they created that segment and have been the market leader since then.. no small feat.. Look at all the 'innovations' they have done.. iPod video, Photo etc.,

    Also, they changed the whole paradigm of how songs are sold and distributed.. Amazing stuff..

    On the OS side, they have been innovating continuosly.. It is one of the most stable desktop OS available now.. and they keep coming with revisions every 6 months.. as compared to the other OS.. !!!

    In all, I am awed by Apple & Steve Jobs in particular..