Thursday, August 10, 2006

Slice of Chennai # 3 - Old Is Gold

Particularly, if it is a MGR Movie...
MGR Magic
MGR's 50 year old movie Nadodi Mannan re-released in Chennai last week seems to be doing well in box office with few more to come. Is it MGR or the movie or his message ? Probably a combination of all three...
"MGR is truly a legend; he is the only actor who can enthral the audience so many years after his demise. The nearly 50-year-old `Nadodi Mannan' had a collection of 85 to 90 per cent during its opening weekend and the crowd consisted of mostly youngsters and some MGR fans. We are now planning to re-release a few more MGR classics such as `Adimai Penn' and `Ulagam Sutrum Valiban'."


  1. Raman

    I hear there are plans to re-release some of Sivaji's old movies.. including Parasakthi..

  2. Ram,

    MGR's movies are always a good entertainment.

  3. M G R is only one in india no other
    for his kind heart and his humanity
    (helping others) and his good advise in all his film we and the comming generation will never forget him till the end
    nalla manasou

  4. M G R =VATHIYAAR.PEOPLE STAR.if you want to become rich and have a sucess in your life listen many times his motivational songs often there is the answer for your success in your life i'ts true.His life is very very interrising till now the only man in the world get succes in the film and politics and loved by the peoples a good HEART MAN . MGR MGR MGR long live his name

  5. Balaji

    Yes.. Also, they were great marketing tools for MGR.. He knew how to use the visual medium to his advantage.. to the hilt..

  6. BHARAT RATNA,MAKAL THILAGAM MGR was the greatest humanitarian and great achiever what ever he has taken a role in his life,his films songs are eternal and genie of motives to reach maximum in everybodies can realize only after listining his songs.
    if he was in life i think surely that he will became president of india
    MGR champion of india

  7. M G R
    A romantic hero who was not of the masses,yet spoke for the masses. That was the phenomenon-MGR.
    From the early fifties to the seventies MGR remained the undisputed king of tamil celluloid.To a large extent he was a carefully cultivated star.His scripts,song,lyrics,scenes,his make up ,even the camera angles were all packaged to reinforce the moralistic, do-gooder image.
    This uncanny ability to reach the masses,helped MGR make that strategic leap to politics with great success

  8. MGR
    Lovingly called
    - MGR
    - Yezhai Pangalan
    - Pruatchi Nadigar by Karunanidhi
    -Ponmanachemmal by kirupanda variar
    -Makkal Thilagam by Thamilvannan
    -Kalaivendhan by singapore fans
    -Nruthiya Chakravathi by sri Lankan fans
    -Puratchi thalaivar,vaathiyar, by his fans LONG LIVE MGR

  9. MGR is a gift of god
    MGR is a gift of nature

  10. MGR is a very hard worker he worked till his end of his life who worked same time in film and politics and get a great sucess in the two feilds, a man who sufferd a lot he helped many peoples in different ways in diferent situations .Even the great RAJIV GHANDHI became MGR's best freind and respected him and MGR respected RAJIV GHANDHI very much and even the great INDIRA GHANDHI respected him MGR loved his country INDIA very much and he showed it directly and indirectly in many ways, and he played a very important role for united INDIA (one india)the indian gouvernement honored him 'BHARAT RATANA' MGR loved india and his peoples, a very intellegent man in all fields in all situations and he became chief minister of TAMILNADU and rested til his end of his life the new generations must see his all films and listen carefully what he says to have sucess in their life.
    his name must be given for a street in all states of india and a statue 'MGR WITH RAJIV GHANDHI'both together must be inagured in tamil nadu.
    long live MGR

  11. PLEASE D'ont mix the indian tamils and sri lanka tamils because the sri lankan tamils are not good they are very bad they don't like the indian tamils they have done many bad things for indian tamils who are living in europe and in america and other countries and they are raciste against indian tamils its true MGR liked to help for one cause(for humain rights) but LTTE leader PRABAKARAN became a killer for money if elam become one day independant it is very dangerous for other asian countries and people. must never give independant for ELAM must do like indian system vaiko and others must shut up their mouths vaikos childrens are living in USA and not his children will take the arms his childrens are safety in USA KALAINGER KAROUNANNIDI MUST ARREST HIM the LTTE came a criminal gang for money they are doing all kinds of trafics if MGR was in life he will be hating PRBRKARAN and asked the indian gouverment to send the indian army to kill him or arrest him the tamilnadu peoples must be very carefull in this war and let gouvement take his decission must never support the criminals LTTE .MGR means peace MGR is allways for INDIA.

  12. Praisefull comments of Vathiyar, no words to say, i am Blogger dedicated entirely to MGR.
    Pass your comments

  13. M G R is evergreen