Monday, August 28, 2006

Podcast: Chat with Karti P Chidambaram - Part # 3

Karti P Chidambaram

In this concluding part, Karti P Chidambaram talks about Globalization, Foreign affairs and dynastic politics

Please listen in

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  1. Hi Mr.Ram,
    I listened with great interest your interview with Karti. P chidambaram. Was great, candid and intersting.
    kudos to you for having done your homework for this interview.
    I liked his idea of identifying the creamy layer through elementary grade school.
    maybe the power of blogs can propogate his concept to reality and hope his views are heard and not snubbed by the likes of PMK and DMK who are vote bank dependent.
    Karti is a great speaker.most of his answers were candid. But i thought ,to balance his public image, he tends to speak more carefully on some of the issues. A politician in the making!!

  2. Ram,

    It was impressive to hear Karti say that he does not know the solutions to Sri Lanka and Kashmir issues, instead of spinning something. He seems to pick his battles carefully and focus on them.

    All in all, a very interesting interview. Keep them coming.

  3. Annoymous
    yes.. I found Karti Chidambaram well read and informed.. and didn't shy away from questions..

    Thanks Nithya.. Once again thanks for connecting me to him..

  4. Ram, you are welcome.

    Who is your next interviewee? Celebrities are the common ones to be interviewed but I think if you interviewed a common person about his/her life experiences, that would be interesting too (at least for me).

  5. Nithya
    I am still working on Crazy Mohan..
    Thanks for suggestion.. will consider..

  6. Ram,
    This has been one of your best podcasts so far. Karthi also handled it very well and I'm sure we are going to hear more about him in the near future.
    I actually forgot the following question:
    Karthi was one of the first ones to start a bowling alley (Down Under?) in Chennai (Egmore to be precise). I wanted to know whether that venture is still alive and whether he actively manages it.

  7. Kaps
    Yes, I also believe Karti is the one to watch..