Saturday, August 26, 2006

Podcast: Chat with Karti P Chidambaram - Part # 1

20060825 003

I met up with Karti P Chidambaram in his office in Nungambakkam for a very interesting conversation. He is young, ambitious and comes from a influential family. But most importantly he has vision and talent. We will be hearing lot more about Karti Chidambaram in the coming days at state and national level.

We had good discussion on a range topics from Local Politics to Foreign Affairs to Globalization and many things in between. He didn't mince words in answering questions and he readily said 'don't know' for questions he didn't have an answer..

In the first edition of the 3 part series, we talk about local & national politics and also about cola controversy.

Please listen in..

MP3 File

MP3 File

In part # 2 - We talk about affirmative action in India and his ideas to fix some glaring deficiencies.