Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Wish

I wish most of the Chennai roads and sidewalks (platforms) are like this with this warning. Before you start wondering, This is also in Chennai, home to some of the senior state Government officials
Open Sidewalks in Greenways Road, Chennai
A stretch of Greenways Road near Adyar, Chennai
Pointed warning.. VIP's residence stay away
Stern notice to stay away

But, most of the Chennai roads where commoners live are like this.. over crowded, heavily encroached and perilous for pedestrians.
Crowded St. Marys Road, Chennai
Crowded St. Mary's Road, Mylapore Chennai
Mylapore near RK Mutt Road
Can you spot the sidewalk in this picture ? (Near RK Mutt Road, Chennai)
Pedestrians - Risk your life
Walk at your own risk..

I wish all of Chennai roads become clean and pedestrian friendly like the stretch of Greenways Road or alternately Greenways Road also gets consumed by encroachment. If I were to hazard a guess, neither would happen, the roads of the commoner would continue to be crowded and encroached while the VIP enclaves would continue to be.. well maintained, well protected and encroachment free.


  1. Interesting contrasting pictures.

  2. What is the name of the road ?
    MUttaall KAzhuthaigal Salai ?
    or Periya Muttaall Kazhuthaigal Salai ?
    The kazhuthaigals probably comes out at
    night and feasts on the posters laid
    with rice gum..and licks it clean

    I know, this may raise controversy
    you can kill it if you want.

  3. I wish too ! Sad..state of affairs.

    All our ministers / CM and top ranking officials must be forced to live in a normal neighborhood for 1 week every month so that they can understand how the common man is affected.

    Sometimes, I Democracy working?

  4. Raman & Narayanan

    I am in Tokyo now, which is more populated than Chennai. It is crowded, but people follow rules and are respectful to others. Public transport is very convenient and most of the folks use it.

    I guess it boils down to leadership and governance, which is what Chennai is lacking.

    Truly.. why can't middle class have the basic amenities like decent road, sidewalk etc.,? Why should it be the only for the VIPs ?