Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ultra Marathon

Ultra Marathon in India..

Perhaps for the first time, Ultra Marathon is coming to India. Its going to happen in Mysore for 10 days from September 22, 06 - October 2, 06. I am not sure if they are going from Mysore to some where else say Goa or something. I have seen some of the iron man races in TV and always wondered how people do it.. I will have to keep wondering and wishing about this.. as, I don't even come anywhere close to the requirements..

First priority will be given to runners with a proven ability to run at least 130 kilometers in 24 hours - 250 kilometers in 48 hours, and who have run at least 500 kilometers in 6 days.

A minimum of 42.195 kms to be completed everyday and not more than 8 hrs of rest allowed at a stretc

(Via - Hari & Ajendra)

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