Sunday, June 18, 2006

Let Go To Grow

Lot of times the most difficult thing to do is 'let go' of things we love and have been part of creating / moulding them. But some people know how to gracefully exit the scene when they are on the top and move on to other things in life.

Two recent examples of that are NR Narayanamurthy of Infosys and Bill Gates of Microsoft. Both of them are self made and created history in their respective fields. They could have hanged on to what they have created for lot longer. But, both of them have announced their exit plans. While NR Narayanamurthy is going to retire this August at 60, Bill Gates will retreat from Microsoft in two year at 50.

It takes lot of courage and internal strength to do what they done. I applaud both of them for doing what they have done and wish them many more years of service in humanity.

Mr. Narayanamruthy, Mr. Gates.. God Bless and God Speed..

Both of them have 'Let Go To Grow'...

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