Thursday, June 01, 2006

TN Bans Code

Even though the Censor Board of India has cleared The DaVinci Code, the state of Tamil Nadu (TN) has banned this movie as it would purportedly offend the religious sentiments of Christians. Accoring to the TN Govt...
The screening of the movie might hurt the religious feelings and sentiments of the Christian community and lead to demonstrations and disturb peace and tranquillity within the State, the release added.
Even Vatican backed off from its initial protests and most of the Christian majority countries have allowed the movie, what is the reason for banning it in TN?. The reasoning given by TN sounds hollow and lame.

Where is it going next ? Would the TN Govt ban the book as well? It has been available for a while and the pavement bookshops are doing brisk business of this book.

All this when the distributors were seeing great response for the movie.

Here is what Thennavan and Sambhar Mafia had to say about this issue

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  1. one wonders whether these protesters have even seen the movie before launching their agitation. The movie was supposed to be released in Tamizh as well and the distributor who bought the tamil rights has spent quite a lot of money on promotion thru cable channels including Sun TV. They reaped that benefit and are acting on it now. If they had banned it one week earlier, they would have lost that ad revenue as well.

  2. In one word - Suck up to minorities to win Votes.!!

    In one word idiots.

    In one word absurd.

    In one word Brainfree politicians

    In one word - Anarchy!

    Sorry..too many words.!! I feel bad that TN leads in all these stupid moves.!

    Visu - Do you remember the Vedham pudidhu conversation during our 1980 days? Hmm...memories are back. I am also writing about it today.!!

  3. Kaps
    Exactly.. makes you one wonder if all this was planned and timed..

    TN could lead lot of other areas in a positive way.. but the dravidian poltics consumes everything else..

    yes.. I do remember our Vedham Pudhithu conversation..