Thursday, June 01, 2006

Slum Tourism

Heard of various kinds of tourism but this one is new. Tired of visiting exoctic beaches and historic palaces, come visit our slums and get a up close and personal view of how the people live there. All just for a fee of INR 200....

Here is what the tour operator, Javed had to say abut Slum Tourism showcasing poorism?

"This tour is meant to sensitise and create awareness about the lives of these children. Many people don't know how these children live. I have been through this myself so I know what happens here," tour guide, Javed says.

Javed talks from experience because till April, he was one of the street children until a chance meeting with a foreign tourist started the slum dwelling walk.

When I saw this.. my first reaction was 'what in the world is this'.. but then I now think Why not ? I don't see anything wrong with it as long as it is safe. After all, it will put a few extra bucks in the slum dwellers wallet.

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