Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rude Awakening

For Mumbai

Mumbai is the only city that figures in this Readers Digest survey on politeness and guess where it landed? At the bottom.

Yes, Mumbai is the rudest of the 35 cities spread across that many countries. Another surprise in that list who the city that occupies the top slot, New York City. My experience in NYC wouldn't go along with this finding, but Mumbai has more to retrospect than NYC at this time... So Mumbai.. Buckle up and be courteous.

New York USA 80%
Zurich Switzerland 77
Toronto Canada 70
Berlin Germany 68
São Paulo Brazil 68
Zagreb Croatia 68
Auckland New Zealand 67
Warsaw Poland 67
Mexico City Mexico 65
Stockholm Sweden 63
Budapest Hungary 60
Madrid Spain 60
Prague Czech Republic 60
Vienna Austria 60
Buenos Aires Argentina 57
Johannesburg South Africa 57
Lisbon Portugal 57
London United Kingdom 57
Paris France 57
Amsterdam Netherlands 52
Helsinki Finland 48
Manila Philippines 48
Milan Italy 47
Sydney Australia 47
Bangkok Thailand 45
Hong Kong 45
Ljubljana Slovenia 45
Jakarta Indonesia 43
Taipei Taiwan 43
Moscow Russia 42
Singapore 42
Seoul South Korea 40
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 37
Bucharest Romania 35
Mumbai India 32

I wish they had done this survey in three cities I like - Palo Alto, Columbus & Chennai. I am positive they would have come on top..!!!!

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  1. Raman

    Thanks for visiting..

    Interesting link between 'rudeness' and 'not living gregariously'..