Friday, June 23, 2006

The Road to Guantánamo

The Road to Guantanamo by Michael Winterbottom

Looking forward to seeing this movie soon.. I am not if or when this movie would to India.. But I sure would like watch it sometime soon..

The Road to Guantanamo chronicles the journey of 3 British Muslims from Tripton, UK to the most dreaded prison on earth at Guantanamo run by US Military and how they were ultimately released without any charge.

Initial reviews have been good with NYTimes labeling it as grim..
The facts on which "The Road to Guantánamo" is based are horrifying, and in its most effective moments it provokes strong feelings of helplessness and dread. But by far the scariest thing about this movie is that, for too many people in this country and elsewhere, it may already have lost the power to shock.

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