Sunday, June 25, 2006

Have a Question for Kiruba ?

Do you have a question for the #1 Indian blogger?

Kiruba, one of the early adopters of the this blog concept and has been blogging from 2002. He has been truly trailblazing in the blogosphere and has been exploring new areas. In fact, he is my inspiration to try my hand on podcast interview.

So, If you have a question for Kiruba, leave it in the comment.. I am hoping to talk to him sometime this week..

PS: Raj.. Thanks for your suggestion..

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  2. Hi Ram,

    I have a question for Kiruba - Why doesn't he join our regular weekend practice runs? he he

  3. Naryanan

    Did you withdraw the 'comment' ? Want to make sure no one else is messing with my blog..

    Will see. how the conversation goes..

  4. Hariiii... that was a good dig! :) We should meet up soon.

  5. Hi Ram,

    Two more questions for Kiruba -
    Where does he draw so much of inspiration from? Cycling to marathon to blogging to Barcamps and being a senior member in Sulekha?
    What does Kiruba think about Ghostblogging?

  6. What's Kiruba's take on some serious spamming done by K.K from sulekha ? :-0)

  7. what's kiruba's take on interventions like the blank noise project, which though partially successful has failed to become a phenomenon? noble cause, misplaced effort?

  8. These are my questions which I had asked him in his comments !!

    How do you get to interview these this your personal work or as a part of your "work" ?
    Meaning...if I send a mail asking some big shot that I would like to interview him, what are the chances I get an acceptance ?
    Who next are in your list ?

  9. Hari & RK


    Pissaswthpiazz & Annoymous
    I intend to focus this interview mainly on 'Blogs' and related stuff..

  10. Hi Ram,

    Few questions from my side to Kiruba,

    1. Who is your favourite blogger (other than yourself) and why?

    2. You would have posted thousands of blogs till date. Is there any posting which you like the most and why?

    3. Blogging, podcasting what's next?

    4. Cycling everyday to office, dont you sweat in chennai's climate?

    Ignore if the above doesn't make sense or if it sounds silly.

    Thank you.