Monday, June 05, 2006

Metro Plus Life Style Show

Show Entrance - Only place where there were few people..
Went to The Hindu's Metro Plus Lifestyle Show at Chennai Trade Center in Nandambakkam yesterday (June 4, 06). There were hundreds of stalls showcasing and selling all kinds of stuff from clothes to cars to cosmetics to consumer electronics. It was a veritable collection of stuff a common household might buy and that is if you could buy.

Unending stream of crowd
Despite of steep entry fee of INR 50 per person, entire Chennai seemed to have descended upon the trade center. While such large crowd must have filled the coffers for the organizers, t was virtually a waste of time and frustrating experience for the public. We endured a pretty long louzy traffic jam to get to venue only to be continually pushed and shoved as there was simply no place or space to view the displays.

Narrow passage ways made it impossible to view the items
Narrow aisles only made it worse.. I don't know the kind of emergency planning these guys did but I did not see any emergency exit.

At least kids had some fun
But these kids had fun.. Don't know if their parents would say the same thing for their shopping experience..

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