Sunday, June 11, 2006


Hotspot at 38000 Ft

Lufthansa and several other airlines have started rolling out WiFi hotspot by Boeing called connexion in their planes so that we could always be connected. Lufthansa first introduced it in their trans-Atlantic flights and I found this one in my trip to a different kind of a hot spot called Israel.
Picture 001
Hot Spot @ 38000 Ft in Lufthansa. I hope this service becomes free soon..
Israel is frequently in the news for all the wrong reasons. It is one of the most sensitive places in our earth. The unresolved conflict between Israeli, Palestine have been the flash point for the continued tension in this region and across the middle east.
Picture 005
Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport
When I mentioned about my Tel Aviv business trip to some one in Chennai, he wondered if it is safe to travel to Tel Aviv. My response to him was that it should be as safe as Chennai. Now that, I am in Tel Aviv, everything seems to be normal here. Of course, TV is full of escalating conflict between Israel & Palestine with fatalities on both sides reminding me of the mindless violence that has enveloped this region.

More on my Tel Aviv in my future posts..

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