Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fatwa against Vandemataram

Now there is a fatwa against the national song of India, Vandemataram. Some parents don't want their children to sing Vandemataram as it glorifies motherland over religion. They are even threatening to withdraw kids from school on this issue..
"If our kids are made to recite Vande Mataram, we will withdraw them from the school," a parent Mohammad Abdul Raouf says.
This fatwa stuff is really frightening.. There were fatwa against Salman Rushdie, Sania Mirza's dress and now against Vandemataram.. Boy... Don't know where all this intolerance is leading India to..

In Tamil Nadu, intolerence in a different form..

One of the first things DMK Government did was to bring back the Kannagi Statue to its earlier place. Gnani, a weekly columnist in Vikatan wrote about it and questioned the premise of Kannagi representing all things Tamil Culture. Obviously, Mr. Karunanidhi didn't like it and vented his ire against Vikatan and his party cadres took the cue. The very next day, copies of Vikatan were burnt all across Tamil Nadu and the magazine was sullied with castetist remarks.

All this must have unruffled Vikatan who came with a long explanation and even poems glorifying Kannagi. It makes one wonder, Was Vikatan browbeaten to submission by the strong arm tactics of DMK?


  1. Read about he Gnani incident and felt ashamed. No choice ...for Vikatan..has to suck up.!!! ( After all isn't it Democracy - Indian style)..haven't we seen this earlier.!!

    Sad to read about the Fatwa.!! I am wondering what our Politicians will say about this?

  2. Narayanan

    Rising intolerence at all a cause for worry..

  3. This is not intolerance.this is similiar to prayer to a god we do not believe exists thus..we muslims do not and will not sing vande mataram or anything similiar that goes against the tenets of our faith.this is just to inform you.