Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Excel

Yep.. Google is slowly but surely creeping up on Microsoft. Google just announced limited availability of its newest product called Google Spreadsheets taking direct aim at Microsoft Excel.

Google Spreadsheets sneak peak promises lot of cool features including the ability to import and export .xls format and the ability to do instant online collaboration with up to 10 people.

Even though Google continues to deny about coming up with an alternate for MS Office, I have a feeling that Google Office is not very far off. They bought Upstartle , creators of web-based word processing software Writely few months ago. Now if Google can come up with an answer for MS Powerpoint, Google Office would be complete. There is no need to find an alternate for MS Access as it is one of least used software in the MS Office suite and its relevance in the services world is diminished.

Google's desktop universe is expanding rapidly and I am truly amazed at the speed and periodicity of they come out with new offerings. Way to go Google...

ps: Not long ago, we used to refer to spreadsheets as Lotus 123. It was Lotus, who brought the spreadsheet concept to the market. But how many would know about it, let alone use the Lotus 123 software. I do have Lotus 123 in my machine as it came with it but I hardly use it. Will Microsoft Excel meet the same fate as Lotus 123? I hope it does.