Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sun's Victory

SunTv won the elections for DMK

DMK has won the recent TN assembly and has formed the first minority Government in the State. Poll pundits have come up with various reasons from the caste arithmetic, to alliance strength to Vijayakanth factor. However, I believe that DMK won the elections because of SunTV. Maran shed even the last iota of media ethics and cranked up the propaganda engine to such a level never seen in India.

With its unmatched dominance, Sun Network made sure DMK was everywhere from TV to Radio to magazines and news papers. I don’t know if DMK is paid for all that media time & print real estate. I am not even sure if this even comes under the purview of the election spend limits stipulated by the Election commission.

In a way, I am glad that most of my TN poll predictions came true, but at the same time I am also frightened that few other predications about SunTV will also come true. I wish my crystal ball would be wrong with SunTV.

But the signs aren’t encouraging. The much talked Maran / Tata controversy has failed to gather momentum after the elections and has pretty much died down. Even though several National channels (Mainly English) picked it up, there is no more noise in this subject. Now Marans with their increased clout at the state and federal levels will become even more powerful in the coming years.

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