Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Can Post but Can't Read

I am in Beijing now and getting the first hand experience of Chinese censorship. I cannot get to many of the sites I frequent from elsewhere like blogs, bbcnews, gmail, Google News etc.,

Notice all the Problem Loading Page yellow tabs ? Too many sites I generally visit are blocked..

I am remained of the 'Urvasi.. Urvasi' song from Kadhalan. The last sentence somewhat goes like this.. 'I don't want even heaven if there is no freedom'.. I guess it boils down to 'where does one draw the line ?". As Sujatha says, there will never be unbridled freedom to express our opinion in any society. If that's the case.. When do we say "This is Good Enough".

I am going to hit the publish button and hopefully this will go through.. I will know when I head out this weekend and access web.


  1. Hmm...! Censorship..! Interesting read..! So is this the first time in Beijing.? Badhram..ulla thaLLida poranunga..!

  2. Narayanan

    I am in transit now and back to Chennai..

    Internet censorship in China is a known issue.. several articles have been written about it.. but I experienced it first time..

    Internet censorship in China is very real and known issue..
    I & several of my visiting colleagues tried accessing some our usual sites and they were consistently blocked from multiple locations.
    First we thought they were being blocked in our corporate network.. but it was the same from our Hotel, Star Bucks, Airport etc.,

  3. my friend in shanghai is able to read my blog...guess he is accessing it from a US based server. you can chosen the option of publishing your posts via email. in such a case you send your post via email and it automatically gets posted to your blog.

  4. Kaps

    I was able to post but not able to read anything from blogspot domain..

    Yes, some people are using outside proxies to circumvent Chinese censors..