Friday, March 31, 2006

Sujatha on Sujatha

Read a very interesting article about my favorite writer Sujatha today in Kumudam Snehidi (குமுதம் சிநேகிதி). Its an inside look on Sujatha by the real Sujatha. It is not on the Kumudam site yet, but should get there in the next few days.

In this lengthy article, Mrs Sujatha talks about her personality, background and marriage. She candidly talks about her middle class upbringing and her fear for Sujatha, which she says kind of diminished only when Sujatha was in his 50s and when he was convalescing after some operations.

What strikes me in that article is the 'down to earth' nature of the person behind person. Mrs. Sujatha portrays herself as a normal middle class housewife and doesn't exaggerate either herself or glorify Sujatha.

There is also some early pictures of Sujatha which is kind of neat..

In all, I enjoyed the article.. Read it if you are a Sujatha fan....


  1. Hey, Whatz the blog of writer Sujatha?

  2. Veda

    He has a site..