Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sops galore

Let the gravy train roll..

That seems to be the guiding principle of DMK's election manifesto released yesterday. Mr. Karunanidhi is all set out to please everyone who matters at the ballot box. Everything will be Free if DMK comes to power. Look at this list:
  1. Free TV
  2. Free Gas Stove
  3. Free Power for ryots and weavers
  4. Waiver of coop loans
  5. Free maternity assistance
  6. Reverse the reversals of Ms. Jayalalithaa
  7. Of course, bring Kannagi back
Man.. Its going to be Ram Rajya in Tamil Nadu under Mr. Karunanidhi (or Mr. Stalin). One and all.. Drop everything.. Rush to Tamil Nadu, get a free TV and subscribe to Sun TV.

Mr. Karunanidhi may have forgotten a small detail in all his excitement.. It's just a small detail about finance, as to how he would fund all these goodies. But then, it is just too small to worry about it now.. He will find a way later..

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  1. As long as there are people who fall for all this...we'll have people/parties like this.!


  2. Narayanan

    Yes. The 'tamasha' is just starting and the next few weeks till May 8, 06 will be 'fun' time in Chennai.. With the mercury rising, so will the political heat..

  3. Ram,

    I'm too busy to follow Tamil Nadu politics & hence don't know what would be Amma's offering, whether it has been released.... One has to wait and see...Anyway, lot of excitement ahead.

    Harish V

  4. Harish

    Not sure if 'Amma' has released her election 'promises'.. But in any case, she has been doling out goodies generously since she was routed in the 2004 Parliament elections..