Saturday, January 21, 2006

SCV & Ten Sports to the rescue

Some one must have heard our pleas..

Chennai cricket fans were in for mild surprise today as the second Indo - Pak test match commenced. CAS restricted Chennai TV viewers were able to watch the test match live, thanks to SCV (a major cable multi-service operator) and Ten Sports. The details are not clear, but SCV in an arrangement with Ten Sports started telecasting the Ten Sports pay channel over the free channels bouquet. So, a big Thanks to SCV and Ten Sports.

Of course, the beneficiary of this agreement is only the SCV cable subscribers and the Hathaway subscribers will have to wait for the Doordarshan highlights.

In a totally unrelated move, Tamil Nadu Government announced the take over of Multi-Service Operators (MSOs). Guess who is impacted by this move ? SCV & Hathaway. This story is still evolving but seems to have a strong political overtone.