Monday, October 03, 2005

Movie Review - அ.. ஆ..

அ.. ஆ.. - Don't waste your time
I was looking to kill time in my in-laws place yesterday and ended seeing this film in a lousy cinema called Velan in Nanganallur.

SJ Suryah, who has donned many roles in this film starts the movie in a very unusual way. He tells the story line and prepares the audience for what to expect. This appears to be quite novel and I haven’t seen this line of story telling in any other movie. Quite unfortunately, his ray of brilliance ends there. SJ Suryah follows this few minutes of brilliance with a totally unwarranted song, perhaps to solidify his credentials as a Tamil.

This movie is about lovers falling apart due to the possessive nature of one of the lovers and how their memories work to re-unite them. An interesting story line like this one could have been handled lot of maturely, but SJ Suryah chooses to scoop down to produce a cheap skin fest.

After his recent spat with the Indian Censors, SJ Suryah, seems to have toned down a little bit but the movie is still replete with vulgar dialogues and racy situations. Mind you, this is after the censor using its scissors liberally and muting some of the dialogues.

Majority of the movie revolves around the relationship issues between lovers who are living together. Yes, this movie is about two people who are in love living to together. I wonder why the protectors of Tamil Culture are keeping quiet. Are they enjoying the sleaze fest?

SJ Suryah and his new find Nila are the lead characters in this film. SJ Suryah’s dialogue delivery is very coarse and awful. Nila is paraded in skimpy clothes all through the film. It is apparent that this girl doesn’t speak Tamil as there is no lip sync in the dialogues she is uttering.

Interestingly, AR Rahman has scored music for this low budget production. Some of the songs are pleasing but I have heard better scores of the Mastero.

Bottom Line: Avoid

Overall rating - C


  1. What else do you think would sell these days? I pity the tamil audience.

    I don't like this guy Suryah, who thrives only on 'Flesh'.

  2. Narayan

    I guess, I should have expected it from Suryah..