Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kashmir Earthquake and Indo Pak reaction

After initial dithering, General Musharraf seems to have softened his approach to accepting assistance from India. Now, it is India's turn to go all out and help Kashmiris on both sides of the border. After all, India stakes claim to all of Kashmir and by extending a helping hand now, in the time of dire need, it can show the people of Kashmir that India truly cares.

India has been talking about people level contacts for a long time and now is the opportunity for India to throw open its border and provide the healing touch to the people who have lost everything in last week's earth quake.

This earthquake has brought untold suffering to thousands of people and has almost erased an entire generation of Kashmiris. Amidst the ruins of this earthquake, I do see a ray of hope and that is the resolution to the border dispute between India and Pakistan.

Both India and Pakistan have fought several wars over Kashmir and have lost countless lives. However, this catastrophic earthquake may have laid the foundation for the lasting peace for this paradise on earth. The international spot light and humane touch promised by India and Pakistan will bring about lasting changes that are far reaching and irreversible by the political clan of both countries. This is my wish and prayer for the people of Kashmir.


  1. I am with you and I like your wishes and prayers !

    I was very Impressed with Shoaib akthar the other day when he was interviewed in Australia. He thanked India for the support. How many other players would do that.!!

  2. Yes.. Narayan..

    This is the time for India & Pakistan to soften the border and let the Kashmiri people be united again..

    I hope this tragic earthquake is successful where the humans have failed consistently for the past 55+ years..