Thursday, October 13, 2005

Content for your Blog

I am not a regular blogger but would like to be. My target is to get to post at least 3 items a week consistently. This story in caught my attention. This lists top ten ways to create content for your blog.

The ones like from the list are:
  1. Start Blog Hoping
  2. Create Lists
  3. Random Blogs
  4. Do Something new
What's your take on this? Any suggestions / ideas?


  1. All the point above.Visu. I try to do all of them..!! But then like you said, Its becoming a little difficult when work / personal life comes in between all this.!!

    HI, 3 days is good..!! Keep it up .!

  2. Idhula soldra thagudhi enakku illa...

  3. Narayanan

    Yes.. 3 posts a week is my aim but have not been able to keep it up..

    What perhaps is more important is "creating an identity".. I am yet to find one on the net..


  4. Sundaresan

    It's time to start a blog yourself ?

  5. thinking about it for quite sometime...

  6. Sir,Thats informative...
    Will try to do so..
    Thanks !!

  7. Adengappa

    Thanks for visiting me..


  8. Ram,

    Hope you remember me. We met at the bloggers meet. Well, I believe that there is enough that is happening around that can be posted in blogs. Unless you have a niche blog, you have the freedom to post on anything. And above all it is the interest that should driving factor. The interest can also be created by reading more blogs.

    Hoping to see more of you in your blog.


  9. Vijai Krishna

    Thanks for visiting my blog..

    Yes, you are absolutely right.. there is no dearth of stuff to write about..

    My problem is setting the priority.. as I said in my post.. I want to do 3 per week.. Let's see how I do.. It has already been 6 days since my last post..