Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thumhari Amrita

Thumhari Amrita

I saw a very different theatrical play in Hindi, Thumhari Amrita by Shabna Azmi & co yesterday. Even with my limited Hindi, I liked this novel play for its simplicity and powerful delivery.

In this play, there were only two characters on stage who just sat and read letters they exchanged over period of 35 years. The exchange of letters starts when they were very young and continues as their life takes them in different paths. It’s a love story that ends in a tragedy due to their life turns..

As I was sitting through this play, I was wondering

  1. Has there been a play like this in Tamil?
  2. How about a play like this in Tamil penned by Sujatha and enacted by Suhasini & Parthiban? (Here comes the dare to dream part.. How about me, yeah ME in place of Parthiban ?)