Monday, July 25, 2005

Movie Review - Anniyan

This is old news by now.. but got to see the movie only last weekend.. so here comes my belated review of Anniyan.

This being Shankar's movie after the much tarnished Boys, received lot of publicity. From the looks of it, Anniyan seems to have rescued Shankar. Even after six weeks, this movie is running to packed houses in Chennai.

Overall, I liked the movie and its message. Anniyan highlights the desire of the silent middle class which is the at the receiving end of most of the infringements committed by the lot of folks without really thinking about it. However, Shankar could have easily reduced running time 30+ minutes by focussing on the core message and cutting out romance part. Remo and Sada parts are in the movie only to fit in to the mould of stero typical Tamil Movie.

Direction (Shankar): Good.. Shankar has done a decent job of keeping the audience with him through this long movie.
Story (Shankar): Good.. but was not sharp
Dialogue (Sujatha): Very Good.. but was bordering vulger in a few places
Art (Sabu Cyril): Very Good.. particularly for the song sequences
Music (Harris Jeyaraj): First Shankar movie for Harris. He has delivered solid music and hit songs.
Stunt (Peter Hein): Visually stunning..but weren't crisp.

Over all Grade: B+

As we got out of the movie, we silently endured many of the infringements Anniyan took offense to in the movie : 1) Chaotic parking lot 2) Pushy & overbearing auto drivers 3)one of the many innovative uses of the side walks - open air urinals)

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