Monday, July 25, 2005

Chennai Bloggers Meet

Thanks to Kiruba Shankar, we had bloggers meet in Chennai over the weekend. There were over 20+ bloggers who met in the quiet environs of Madras Boat Club. This was first of a kind meeting for me and found it interesting and useful.

We started out in the lawns of the boat club but had to quickly move indoors as the rain god decided to join our meeting. This did not dampen the bloggers who went on to munch and chat well after the rain god exiting the scene.

Royal Enfield (RE) sponsored our get together and paid for our munchies. RE also offered to sponsor our future outdoor activities like bike treks to near by picnic spots by giving us few brand new bullets to ride to the picnic spot (an offer too good to refuse ???).

What stuck me most was that majority of the bloggers were in their 20s and just out of college.(Needless to say I was in the minority) In fact a couple were still in school.

May be we can meet in once a quarter...


  1. Visu - Quick Note. Good Post, I think you are the first to post a photo here. Thanks for doing that.!

    Can you identify by names a few of these bloggers? Where is Kiruba,?

    Prabhu Karthik was chatting with me on Saturday and mentioned that he met you.

    And....the age talk did come up.!!

    Guess its all young blood...!

  2. Yes, I can name a few here..

    Kiruba is the guy in the red & white striped T-Shirt on the left side..

    Chinmayi was there.. she is on the right side.. barely visible in this picture..

    Prabhu K. and a blogger colleague from my office..