Sunday, July 17, 2005

International travel made easy

International travel made easy - Just a little

International travel out of Chennai Airport just got a little easier starting this month with one less ‘stamp’ to obtain on the boarding pass. These stamps are very important part of the Airport security process in India. I have been sent back a few times to get the ‘missing stamps’ in my boarding pass. This can be really annoying and even more so, if you are traveling with kids and ‘extra’ baggage.

Earlier, after obtaining the boarding pass, travelers must obtain 3 stamps at 1) immigration 2) Customs & 3) Security counters. Obtaining each of them meant long, unruly lines at each counter, which is particularly annoying for the frequent travelers.

Now, international travelers need to obtain only two stamps 1) immigration 2) security. I have never understood the need for the intermediary customs stamping process and glad to see it go.

If the customs departmnet can do away with the mandatory screening of all incoming bags (both checked and hand carry), it will save invaluable time for the arriving passengers.


  1. these days the limits for carrying duty free goods are quite liberal. and on top of it the market is mostly open and we get almost everything in India itself. I too wonder the need for screening all the incoming baggages.

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with you and Saranyan. They better do away with that as well.

    I found it a hassle too...about these various stamps.! I've suffered on a couple of occasions.!

  3. Saranyan

    Yes, things have become quite liberal and most of the stuff is available in India anyways.. wonder why customs department is continuing with this archaic process..

    It does take a few trips to master the unique process of Indian Airports.

    Ram Viswanathan

  4. Ram, YEP, almost all of them are available in India..

    Cheers & keep writing

  5. Harish

    Thanks for visting my blog..

    btw: Did I meet you in Kuwait ? Thanks for taking me around.. much apprecaited..