Monday, January 01, 2018

Three Things I Want To Do Better This Year

Three things I want to do better this year. Two more of and one less of. These are not new things, but new year gives me an opportunity to reflect and reaffirm it for myself.

  • MORE OF - Rise early - I want to rise early, regularly. Even after years of trying, this habit hasn't become part of my DNA. I find myself exercising more and generally having more time if I rise early. I am going to keep trying in 2018 to make this habit stick.
  • MORE OF - Write often - I need to do better in this area. Whether it is writing about technology or running or about anything I wish to share. I can do a lot better and will try again this year.
  • LESS OF - Social Media - It's not that I want to totally shun social media, but want to be mindful where I spend time. These days, I seem to wander around aimlessly. This year, I want to be more judicious on where I spend my time on social media. Unfollow or exit groups that I can be without.

What do you want to do better this year? What's your three?

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