Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jungle Book - Run Mowgli Run

Jungle Book - Run Mowgli Run.. and boy he runs fast..

The new avatar of good old Jungle Book got a complete make over by Disney, including amazing CGI and 3D visuals.  It's hard to believe the entire movie was shot in Disney studios, California.

I believe this is the first time a Hollywood movie is being released in India before North America. Kind of makes sense as the movie has India written all over it.  It takes place in India and the sole human character in the movie to all the animals,  all have Indian names.
The new Jungle Book has new treatment.  There is only one human in the movie and that is Mowgli (ignoring the brief appearance of his father) and the theme is revenge.  Disney has given a new treatment to the old story and has spun it around revenge and red flower.  How Sher Khan was injured by Mowli's father with 'red flower' and the reason why Sher Khan is after Mowgli.

Needless to say, movie has stunning visuals and the 3D viewing takes you deep inside thick forests of middle India.  You jump, run, wade thru water with Mowgli but never once in the 106 minutes you feel scared.  I don't know what the censor board of India found 'scary' to give this movie a U/A certificate.  This movie is as benign as it can get as compared all the violence one so casually sees in U rated Indian movies.  It's probably time, Censor board authorities wiped their glasses and see movies 'clearly'.

Verdict - Must watch movie for its amazing CGI & simple yet strong story line.

5 Stars out of 5

ps: I saw this movie at S2 spi movies in Thiruvanmiyur.  I wish I had gone to a theater with better parking and more importantly good sound system.  Parking was a mess and I made mental note to take Uber next time.  But more than parking, what irked me was seating and sound system.  My view was summarily blocked by let us say a 'well built' guy sitting before me and the sound system left lot to be desired.  For some reason it felt 'dull' and below par.

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