Thursday, February 13, 2014

Flaw or Feature? - I say its a flaw

This has got to do with my Google Nexus 5 - Android 4.4 phone.  It allows me to copy / paste password.

I don't know if this is an issue with all Android phones but my friends tell me that it doesn't happen with iPhones.

One of the big hassles of getting business mails on my phone is that it comes with a security wrapper.  Not only that, it also dictates a complex password algorithm and must change it every 90 days.  Net net, unlocking the phone every time is a 'painful' affair.

But my colleagues discovered a shortcut, which is to, simply copy the password on to the clipboard through many of the easy routes available and simply paste it when prompted for password.

Not a good idea to store password like this right?  Agreed, but convenience many times over rides security concerns.  Given an option, many will choose shortcuts.  That's why I say its a flaw and it would be better, if Google simply closes this Android hole.

Now you tell me if its a feature or flaw and Why?

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