Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three things I wouldn't be doing this Comrades

As I wait for the Taxi to arrive, my mind wandered around last year Comrades attempt.  Much happened during the trip and thinking back I wouldn't repeat those this year.  Yes, hindsight is always twenty-twenty and our species hardly learn from history.  Given that, here are are three things I wouldn't repeat this year.

#1 - Run in Vibrams - Balaji and I ran last year Comrades in Vibrams.  He completed and continues run in Vibrams but I haven't fully recovered from the heel pain that reared its ugly head around 55k mark last year.  I have tried lots of 'stuff' to heal the heel but my left heel still a bother.  It could be due to a whole lot of things like my stride, gait and importantly age.  I do know of several runners who 'swear' by Vibrams and are very happy.  But, Vibrams is not for me at this juncture and I will be running this Comrades in my trusted ASICS GT2000.

#2 - Run around before race day - Thinking back it was crazy.  Don't know what we (particularly I) were thinking.  Balaji & I 'switched' our accommodation 18 hours before the raceday triggering a whole set of events that took us almost to a 'breaking' point.

On that fateful Saturday, we were homeless for several hours and found ourselves in an entirely environs without transportation, contacts or telephone.  We scrambled around to find a transport to the starting point, Petermartizberg which is 90k away.  Thankfully Gideon came to our rescue.  After that, I had to rush to the airport to receive Sita and kids who were coming to support me.  and before that, I had to 'stock' the kitchen.

To make the long story short,  all that running around left me / us tired both physically and mentally.  This year, I will not repeat the last year drama and instead simply rest.

#3 - Flag down a rescue vehicle - All of us know long distance running is more of a mind game than sheer muscle power.  Last Comrades, I was physically drained around 55K.  My left heel was hurting and I found the 'runner rescue' vehicles cruising by too tempting.

Running on empty tank, I simply 'lost' the mind game and meekly flagged down a rescue vehicle ending my Comrades dream.  This year, I will stay on the course as long as I can and will not voluntarily get in to a rescue vehicle.

Now, I am off to Dubai.. and will do my next post from Durban.. until then Adios Amigos..

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