Thursday, March 21, 2013

Haridas - A Marathon First for Tamil ?

Though the movie has been out for a few weeks, I got to see Haridas with my family yesterday and was mildly surprised to see marathon figure prominently.  The maker of Haridas has taken lot of cinematic liberty in calling 3K run as marathon.  Nonetheless, was thrilled to see long distance figure prominently in a Tamil movie.  (Now, what happens to Sivakarthikeyan's Ehtir Nichhal now?  I hear that is also based on Marathon).

Haridas is about Hari, an autistic kid and his single parent (siva) Das who is an 'encounter specialist' with Chennai Police.  Director Kumaravelan has woven an impressive storyline between the struggles of a father trying to understand his kid and the job which pits him against the worst elements of the society.

Through sheer luck, the tough cop finds that his son may have the spark in running.  He then goes great lengths to introduce him to the world of long distance running but doesn't live to see him win laurels.

The movie opened with the camera slowly moving around showing various marathon certificates including New York Marathon and then got in to rewind mode.  Only the second half of the second half movie gets in to running and ends with the boy 'winning' the Chennai Junior Mini Marathon which is 3K event.

Besides running, Haridas also puts a spot light on autism and the challenges of raising special kids where the society often misconstrues autism for madness.

Net net, I recommend this movie because it puts a spot light on running and special kids.. Good movie.. Watch it with your family.

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