Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guns and American Culture - Something MUST Change

Guns and American Culture -  Something MUST Change

Americans are talking about Guns in again in the wake of Newton Elementary School massacre.  President Obama has tasked Joe Biden to recommend 'way forward' in a months time.  National Rifle Association (NRA) is lying low for now but will come back to divert and derail any meaningful conversation.

By some accounts there about 300 million guns in USA, supposedly for recreational & safety purpose.  At this count, American homes perhaps have more guns than mobile phones or TVs.  Here is another statistics.. Though Americans consume the most petrol per capita than anyone else in the world, they have more Gun stores than Gas stations.

I find the conversations happening in CNN rather strange and alarming.  Christina Amanpour and Piers Morgan are NOT advocating total ban on guns, they are simply campaigning to limit certain 'types' of guns and ammunitions.  They are treading 'safely' so as to not invite the wrath of 'Gun lobby' and its long arms.  This is alarming for guy like me because I for one have never understood or appreciated the need for guns at home.

NRA and the people who advocate guns take refuge in the second amendment which supposedly gives Americans the right to bear arms.  Their rabid argument is that Guns don't kill people but people do.  My submission to them would be, second amendment was done in 1791 and we are now in 21st century.  Times have changed..Technologies have made Guns more lethal and easily available. I say, its time to amend the constitution again.

Americans had the will to change their so called 'drinking and driving' culture thanks to MADD... Americans had the will to raise collectively and stop terrorism in their backyard after 9/11.  I sincerely hope, Americans can collectively curtail the rabid fringe groups like NRA and take a hardlook at their so called 'Gun Culture' as I for one feel..Something MUST change now and I know America can do it.

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