Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Too Big to Fall

These trees may be big and beautiful but are falling none the less..

The beautiful trees of CP Ramaswamy Road in Chennai are falling slowly but surely to the vagaries of weather and unbridled human callousness.

Even a few years back, the place I call as my neighborhood used to have a wonderful canopy of trees on both sides and used to be a treat to just go out for a stroll.   Both CP Ramaswamy Road and the stretch of St. Marys Road leading up to TTK Road used to be such a delight.  But the trees all around in Chennai are falling like nine pins, mainly due to human neglect.

Both roads have been dug for over 15 months in the name of storm sewer construction with no end in site.  These diggings have played a havoc on these giant trees which have been living there for over several decades.  The roots and branches have been trimmed to supposedly build the storm sewer, paying no attention to the trees, which were barely standing.. by a whisker..

All that was needed a gentle push like the recent rains and there you go..  One other giant tree goes down.. making way either for parking of private vehicles or for unruly Autos or for some street stalls.  Regardless of who squats next, Chennai and Chennaites are the losers..

More pictures of Namma Chennai here.. 

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