Friday, October 19, 2012

Cutest Medal Ever

Over the course of my 7 years of running, I have gotten plenty of medals. From small to big, metal to ceramic to paper, for 5k to 50k..

But, I got the cutest of the medal today.  It was entirely hand made by Krishna & Shreya (Bala's kids) and was presented to me for completing 5 10x10s this year.

Bala invited to me to his office today to chat with his staff and in the end he threw this surprise on me.  Gave me this medal and plenty of 'eatables'.. as according to Bala, 'runners like to eat'...

Choir ribbon - made thoughtfully by Shanthi.. Go Green!!!
Medal consists of 5 rings for 5 10x10s and appropriate inscriptions
Thank You Bala, Shanthi, Krishna & Shreya.. This medal is cute and one of my favorite.