Saturday, June 09, 2012

Will I run Comrades again?

The clock was about to strike 5:30PM on Jun 3, 2012 and the anxiety and drama was building inside Kingsmead Stadium.  Sita, Raghav, Meera & I were wondering the fate of Balaji, who was still out there somewhere..  

As the clock stuck 17:30 and the gun went off, Raghav came running towards me excitedly crying ‘Balaji finished.. I saw him finish’.  He proudly showed some of the photos he was able to snap of Balaji’s finishing moments. The clock read 11:57:57 and I could make out the lanky outline of Balaji from the grainy photo.  Felt happy and relieved at that moment for Balaji.

Within a few minutes, Balaji entered the International enclosure with the medal in his hand and not around his neck.  I gave a big congratulatory hug to Balaji and next I saw him putting the medal on my neck asking me to keep the medal till I earn one of my own next year. 

That thought of running Comrades again came the instant I decided to quite but nixed it at the very same moment.  The physical and mental state I was in, I couldn’t even imagine running through those nasty Durban hills again.  They took out every ounce or worse ml of energy I had and pained in the areas I never knew existed in my body.  I must be totally ‘insane’ to Comrades again.  That’s how I feel even almost after a week.   But then, this could be my ‘pregnants' vow’ and might change my mind.  But for now, I am sticking to my vow.

Balaji was generous and gracious to give the medal to me, but I politely refused saying I have no intention of running Comrades again.

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