Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May - A month to forget

Glad to see May coming to an end for several reasons and 'low running mileage' is one of them.  May is undoubtedly the leanest running month this year for me.  In fact, I broke all my running principles this month.  Most of you know that, I have three running principles that I tried to follow:
  1. No two (consecutive) days missed
  2. 10k per run
  3. 50k per week
Of the three, I mostly adhere to the last two with some misses on the first one mainly due to travel.  But this month, I lost the plot on all three.  Of course, there could be several reasons, but the main one is that, I seemed to have lost focus.. need to get that back.  Without focus, I got lazy and stayed in bed longer, keeping the running shoes at bay.  

Since I am going to be traveling tomorrow (May 31) to Durban for Comrades Marathon, Today's run was the last run for the month ending it with a measly mileage of 125k.

Running is better with Company - Thanks Ashwin for the company.
I would have probably slept today as well if not for a little nudge from Ashwin in the form of a SMS last night.  I forced myself to commit to the run and that made me get out of the slumber.

I am glad I got out and ran with Ashwin.  We had interesting conversation about everything under the Sun and finished the run before the Sun rose in all its glory.

Thanks Ashwin for the company and chat.. made my running a little easier.

Thanks folks, now I am off to Durban for Comrades.. Wish me good luck..


  1. sorry for missing to wish you at office Ram! Good Luck and May the Force be with you! Happy to see Ashwin via your blog after awhile! and good to note he is the one nudging you - its usually the other way round!

    Hope you have a good calm run and a good holiday in beautiful SA!