Monday, October 17, 2011

Revolution 2020 - Written with Movie contract in mind?

This book is more about Love than about corruption and  ambition
Revolution 2020 is Chetan Bhagat's fifth book and follows the familiar theme of someone telling the story to him.  In this book also, one of the main characters tells the 'story' to Chetan Bhagat in a Hospital.  This time though, the story is told via a character who one might not want to see as the main protagonist if this were to made a movie..

Set in Varanasi, its about 3 youngsters and their 'not so cordial' relationships and the usual 'love triangle'.  Reading through book, one gets a feeling that it is written with a 'movie contract' in mind including a dramatic climax.  It is quite easy to 'guess' the cast, if this were to be made a movie soon, which is quite likely.

Revolution 2020 has the familiar cinematic themes of love and deception but fails to come out strongly on the title of the book.. revolution part..

The key takeaway from the book seems to be "Everybody has to sacrifice something for the revolution and the main characters in this book end up sacrificing LOVE"

Net net: Easy weekend reading.  I would give this book a mere Average (B) grade.. Forget IIT or AIEEE not even 'Kota coaching' colleges material.

Look for a better one next time from you Chetan Bhagat..


  1. I found all the books other than Except for Chetan Bhagats Five Point Someone less than readable. The last book I read was 3 mistakes of my life and I decided not to make the mistake of buying his books again. Thanks for the review, I would touch this one either.

    1. Read "2states" of the must read novel of this era. ...

  2. I must say, you do have some hopes !

  3. too much movie scene..
    chetan is good writer..he must not over-write comercial things.