Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Laptop per Child - A dream come true in Tamil Nadu

One laptop per child might soon become a reality in Tamil Nadu (TN). This will go a long way in reducing the digital divide. Call it a sop or a election gimmick, of all the freebies launched by Tamil Nadu Government on September 15, 'free' laptop scheme stands out. It stands out because of its tranformational nature.

This program will make millions of TN kids computer literate and make them more college ready and employable.  I only wish the TN Government takes it to the logical next step, and provide Internet access to the students.  While computers in itself would be of value, its value is enhance manifold with access to the Net.   All of know and have benefited from access to Internet, I only wish every student have access as well.


  1. I hope they solve the power crisis first...

  2. And you know what is the outcome of it. Lots of kids sold their loptop and like all freebees this one has lot of problems... Tax Payers money...!!