Friday, September 25, 2009

Chennai Half Marathon - Pre Run Arrangements - Better than Anticipated..

Give Life Chennai Half Marathon - September 27, 2009

I know there has been some skepticism  around the Chennai Half Marathon, in terms of organization, arrangements etc.. I am one of those skeptics as well.  However, if what I saw today is any indicator, this Chennai Half Marathon promises to be different.. It promises to be better than the previously held ones...

Ramani and I went to Lady Wellington College in Beach Road to register, do the formalities and collect our BIBs.  I was expecting chaos, crowd and noise.. but the entire process was organized, orderly and cordial.
Chennai Half Marathon - Pre Run arrangement
Registration, medical checkup and other booths were neatly laid out and the folks managing the counter were courteous and helpful.  Though I registered online, had to register again because there was no record of my online registration and I didn't have any evidence (email) to show. Even then, manual registration process was simple and after registration, I was advised to go for the medical checkup.

Chennai Half Marathon - Pre Run arrangement
Medical checkup was also neatly laid out...  First) A medical assistant / nurse took BP / pulse and asked a few basic questions.  Second) A Doctor asked about my running history and advised me to  get an ECG as I am 40+ Third) Got my ECG done and went back to the Doctor who verified the results and gave me the coveted 'FIT' stamp.

Chennai Half Marathon - Pre Run arrangement
Last step in the process was BIB collection... Gave the 'FIT' certificate and collected my 'Indian' BIB.  The friendly attendant was insistent on giving me an 'International' BIB.. though I repeatedly told her I am தமிழ் and local.. She reluctantly agreed that I am 'தமிள்' and gave me an 'Indian' BIB.

Chennai Half Marathon - Pre Run arrangement
My only crib is this.. All this setup with know garbage management.  I hope this gets fixed soon.. like by today... otherwise, it will start stinking from tomorrow..

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