Friday, January 02, 2009

Unlocking iPhone

This story caught my attention because of the earlier struggle I had with unlocking a Blackberry bought via eBay. I bought a Blackberry advertised as unlocked to work anywhere in the world only to find that it was locked to a carrier in US (AT&T). Tried multiple avenues to unlock and got it done eventually but not before shelling out an extra USD 30 for it.

So, I am kind of glad to see a unlock software coming out for iPhone. It's called yellowsn0w and you can find step by step instructions here... I haven't used this one myself, but if you play with it.. kindly do let me know..

iPhone prices in India are ridiculously higher, close USD 750. Ofcourse both Airtel and Vodafone cite some 'liecensing' / 'royalty' reasons for keeping the price so high. From a consumer perspective, this does no good. I hope this unlock software makes more iPhones available in the 'grey' market forcing the carriers to bring down the prices in the 'white' market.

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