Sunday, September 28, 2008

பொய் சொல்ல போறோம் - Movie Review

பொய் சொல்ல போறோம் படம் பற்றிய சின்ன பொய் "படம் ரொம்ப நல்ல இருந்தது"

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  1. Hearing a lot of positive reviews about this movie. Haven't watched the original. But the movie isn't released here in London :(

  2. I assume Vijay does not read tamil.
    -Patrick, SFO

  3. Managed to get a few tickets at sathyam to watch this movie on the 27th.....but dint keep up to its reviews...wasnt satisfying.

  4. Ram,
    How about the new movie by Sun Pictures...

    Kaadhalil Vilundhen.....

    I watched the movie review by the famous lady in Sun TV, who normally gives the review and not once did she say that 'it could have been better'...
    Not sure if this movie is that impeccable.!!!

    Which means Maran & co are not only running a biased News channel, but most of the programs telecast, might have some ulterior motives....



  5. Vijay
    'Poi solla Porom' was no doubt a decent movie.. no fight, no 'kuthu pattu'.. no double meaning dialogue.. it is a clean movie on a shoe string budget..

    But it was more like a drama and not enough punch.. My take is it the movie had lot of potential.. but the treatment went haywire somewhere in the middle..

    I will not be seeing "Kaadhalil Vizhuendhen" but the songs are everywhere.. This is the maiden attempt of SunTV in the movie business and the intention is clear. They want to vertically integrate their TV business. And for that they are effectively and blatantly using their lock on Tamil cable TV. With their relentless media campaign, I am afraid they may have succeed in making the movie a box office success.

    Marans are trying to vertically integrate their TV business.. from producing content to plethora of channels to Sun Dish TV.. they got it covered. In some countries these kinds of integrations and family empires wouldn't have been possible.. but in the land of Maharajas we have new Business tycoons in the form of Tatas, Ambanis, Mittals and Marans.. and they are growing only bigger..

  6. What about the movie Saroja? its been playing a good show so far...

  7. Krish
    I was going to post about Saroja separately.. but haven't gotten around to it..

    I saw Saroja last week..and kind of liked it.. I liked the first half more than the second half..

    Saroja was refreshingly different kind of Tamil movie.. no boy meets girl thing...

  8. Ram,

    On a different note, what happened to your blogs??? Every day (almost!) I revisit your blog to see no update :-(

    Waiting to read your next post!!