Saturday, August 23, 2008

நம்ம சிங்கார சென்னை Marathon

நம்ம சிங்கார சென்னை marathon

Chennai Marathon is happening in a week's time and from what I seen so far, I am hopeful that this Chennai Marathon would be organized fairly decently. So far the registration has been smooth and they even took some of Chennai Runners suggestions and removed the medical certificate requirement.

I wish they had started distributing the bib by now.. but we still have 7 days and I hope the bib distribution will also be fairly organized.

For the first time in the Chennai Marathon history, MARG and Tamil Mayyam are involved and that shows in the pre-event publicity and the wider awareness.

Just to be sure, we are still miles away from organizing a top class marathon but this might very well be a first step towards that. Interestingly, even though it is only 21.1 kms, it is being called Marathon.

We at Chennai Runners will be participating in full strength and hope to have more the 50 of us hitting the asphalt that day. In preparation of that, we are doing a reverse half marathon from Elliots Beach tomorrow.

Are you ready???

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  1. That was a good attempt, but medical certificate would have been helpful.

    See this news Sir.