Monday, March 24, 2008

Run in Rain

ECR Run # 6 was a rainy affair. Though it rained, it did not stop over 25 enthusiastic runners from participating in the run.. For the first time, we had runners as young as 9 participating in the run. It rained rather heavily during the start and at the end of our 30K run. As a kid, one always get admonished 'don't play in the rain'.. but yesterday, I got to run in the rain and must say enjoyed it thoroughly.

The challenge running in the rain is that your clothes become drenched and you tend carry additional pounds in your clothes, socks and shoes. Though, it felt rather uncomfortable initially, I got used to it and started enjoying the rhythm of splashing water and the mud. But the rain and shine did do a number on my running time which wasn't anything to write home about.. I took 3:24 hours for 30.54km.

Anyways, it was enjoyable experience with several firsts..
  1. Thanks to KK, we gave away certificates for the first time.. our own chennai runners certificate!!!!..
  2. Thanks to Tiger, we got our first sponsorship.. Pepsi gave us a liberal supply of Gatorade & Aquafina.
  3. Thanks to Divya and Deepika Mahesh, youngest runners ever to partipate in a ECR Run...
  4. Also, for the first time, we had families running together.. reminded me of the adage I heard in US.. familes that run (play) together, stay together.. good show Lakshmi, Sandhya & Nithya..
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